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Over recent decades, there has been an unprecedented expansion in our understanding of why and how different types of cancers develop. This has led to the development of new therapies for cancer.

Clinical trials play a critical role in bringing potentially effective new therapies that are developed in research laboratories into practical use among patients with cancer.

What are the primary objectives of a clinical trial?

While the objectives of clinical trials may vary slightly, the primary focus of most clinical trials is to establish the safety and effectiveness of a proposed treatment.

How many stages of clinical trials are there?

Phase 1

First in human studies focused on assessing and determining  the safety and the dose of a proposed therapy

Phase 2

A larger study focused on assessing the safety of  a proposed therapy while documenting evidence of its effectiveness in treating cancer.

Phase 3

Often a large study conducted with the aim of definitively determining if a proposed therapy should replace the existing standard of care for a specific condition.

What are the types of clinical trials conducted at the Auckland Cancer Trials Centre (ACTC)?

We conduct early phase (phase 1 and 2) clinical trials, for a variety or solid organ and blood cancers at the ACTC. There are also various phase 3 trials running at the Regional Cancer and Blood Services in Auckland City Hospital.

I am interested to explore the option of participating in an early phase clinical trial further. What should I do?

Thank you for your interest in exploring this option further.

Clinical trials often have very specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. This means that in order for you to be considered a suitable candidate for a trial, specific conditions have to be met. These conditions often include the type and stage of cancer, your general fitness,  the treatment you have already received and other health conditions you may or may not have.

Please inform your Oncologist/Haematologist (specialist cancer doctor) of your interest. Your specialist doctor will make a preliminary assessment of whether any of the trials at the ACTC are relevant to you. If you potentially fit the conditions of a trial, your specialist doctor will formally refer you to the ACTC and we will arrange an appointment to meet you.

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